Wednesday, April 9, 2008

We're Back! ULS Report Has Resumed Publication

We have resumed publication of The ULS Report! The new, April-May-June 2008 issue is available at

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Bob Lilienfeld, Editor


Charles said...

Glad for the blog. Need more participation!

I had spoken with you after the publication of the 2007 Packaging Efficiency Study. My question at that time was whether any deeper studies were available on the total energy used/waste produced equation comparing one type of packaging to another.

As as example of what I am looking for: Does it take more overall resources (energy/waste/pollution produced) to manufacture multi-layered flexible packaging plastics versus a chipboard carton and medium density poly bag?

I believe the results of the 2007 PES, but I think it is only part of the picture and a "total impact" evaluation might be very interesting.

Marybeth said...

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